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Flight Plan Converter

This simple parser takes the text from a screen grab from a decoded flight plans at:

  1. FlightAware
  2. RouteFinder
  3. SkyVector

and converts it to a usable

  1. .fms file that can be loaded into the default X-Plane FMS or the Garmin 430/530
  2. .flp file that can be loaded into the FlightFactor Boeing aircraft (only supports routes from FlightAware)
  3. .txt file for use in World Traffic

Instructions or watch video below.

  1. From the flight plan created (decoded in Flightaware and Routefinder, or NavLog in SkyVector), select all the waypoints and data from left top to bottom right (see notes and video below)
  2. Copy to your clipboard and paste into the textarea below (SkyVector will place conditional waypoints, e.g., D123M or TI321, that are incompatible with .fms files, so X-Planetools will attempt to remove them for you automatically)
  3. Enter a file name (extension not needed) and select the data source and output type
  4. Right-click the resulting file (will appear above) to save to your computer or view

Disclaimer: The data format from any of these sources as been known to change. Please let me know if you get errors or nothing happens when submitting. Browser issues: recent Chrome doesn't product a Navlog in SV, Firefox requires you download the PDF to select the waypoints, Safari output files must be renamed, and Internet Explorer doesn't separate coordinates.

Enjoy, Brad (aka, breadwild)

SUPPORT: Click here to send an email. For faster server, include 1) what you pasted below, 2) OS, 3) browser

Flightaware    RouteFinder    SkyVector*   X-Plane .fms

X-Plane .fms   Boeing .flp   World Traffic .txt    Strip to waypoints .txt

Completely optional. It will be stored in the file but has no effect on the FMC or your program.


*If using Safari, must save PDF to disk and use Acrobat to select data.


Using Flight Plan Converter

Long Flight Plans from SkyVector

Programming the Garmin 430/530

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